Determined to show the way forward for the renewal of the music industry, SOLAL is proud to become a fully digital label.

The attractions of this means of diffusion of music are undeniable: at present, digital platforms frequently offer not only audio quality identical to that of a CD, but also more and more HD/24 bit files, thus responding to the demands of a sophisticated public in search of ever higher quality. The albums are accompanied by digital booklets with complete informative and interactive content on all the good downloading platforms. The immediate worldwide accessibility of this new axis of communication makes it possible to connect performers and their audience at any time. Whether you are an aficionado of streaming prefer to download, the choice is limitless !

This new challenge is firmly rooted in projects of excellence which invite the public to discover that new technologies and quality are perfectly compatible elements.

The first five albums were released at first also physically, and can still be ordered in a physical format at the address:

The references physically available are: